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Though there were little controversies, the Games were deemed generally successful with its effective management of cost spent to host the games, arrangement of public transport and games promotion and with the rising standard of competition amongst the Southeast Asian nations.

Singapore's selection as the host of the 28th Southeast Asian Games of 2015 was announced in 2011 during the 26th Southeast Asian Games, held in Indonesian cities Palembang and Jakarta.

Volunteer recruitment began in late 2013, and by February 2014, about 5,000 volunteers have signed up.

This number swelled to over 17,000 by February 2015, and a volunteers night event was held at Universal Studios Singapore to launch the sports volunteers brand name as "Team Nila" and to thank the volunteers who have signed up with free shows at the venue.

The final medal tally was led by Thailand, followed by host Singapore and Vietnam.

Several Games and national records were broken during the games.

Given the city-state's compact size, most venues were pre-existing public-sporting facilities located in the suburban heartlands which were reverted to public use after the games.

To encourage public participation in the games, it was announced on 28 January 2015 that 18 of the sports will be free for spectators, while the other 18 are kept at relatively affordable levels of between S to S.

Organisers reported that ticket sales were pass 70% for most sports by 27 April, with fencing and swimming being the most popular at 85 and 70% tickets sold respectively, while rhythmic gymnastics, silat and wushu have also sold over 70%.

It was the fourth time the country hosted the games and the first time since 1993. Singapore was originally awarded rights to host the Southeast Asian Games in 2011 after several delays from 2007 due to the construction of the New National Stadium.

The games were held from 5 to 16 June 2015, although several events had commenced from .

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