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Skynet began in 2004 in Zhejiang province and has since been installed in cities and county-level towns across China.According to the documentary, 20 million cameras now feed into a central system which also deploys satellite tracking, Big Data and artificial intelligence techniques, such as facial and vehicle recognition.When he is informed that he might have clamydia in series 5 he needs to be informed about the sideeffects of it.Jeremy is not a very cultured person; the only books he has ever read are "Mr Nice" and "The Book of Bunny Suicides".Like Mark, Jeremy comes from Kent, attended Dartmouth University, and qualified as a nurse but does not appear to have spent long in the post.

He is largely financially supported by his best friend and flatmate, Mark Corrigan, though various loans and free rent, Jez also appears to have been given money on many occasion by his mother (His nest egg), including topping up his mobile phone regularly as well as small bouts of employment in various arrears including working as a Music Studio Reception Runner courtesy of Super Hans (Series 1), a call centre courtesy of Toni (Series 2), as a legal secretary thanks to Mark's sister Sarah (Series 3) in a gym and as a personal handy man (Series 4) as well as working for one day at JLB and with Super Hans removals business "men with ven" (Series 5).In fact, the most famous person he has coached is his handyman, Big Mad Andy.He occasionally, usually because of influence from others, tries to get a proper job although he rarely passes the interview - let alone keeping the job.He tends to be more sociable than Mark and generally cares more about their friendship.However he can sometimes also be quite malicious and spiteful.

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